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  • Some simple introduction of measuring instruments

    Measuring instrument is in order to achieve the target certain attribute values and measure needed three standards, measuring instrument is generally has the scale, capacity etc.

    2019-06-29 15:44:10

  • The structure of the transit

    The structure of the theodolite (common parts) :

    2019-06-29 15:44:02

  • The role of the theodolite have

    Measurement, put on a tripod, theodolite with pendant or optical plummet aim the instrument center site measurement on the ground, with a level instrument is flat, aim to measure with a telescope, pingdu dish with water and vertical scale horizontal

    2019-06-29 15:43:54

  • Prism of some basic information

    Prism, a kind of by both two intersect each other unparallel plane of transparent objects, to light or dispersion in the beam.

    2019-06-29 15:46:23

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Company profile

Our company working in the field of measuring instruments and related accessories for more than 15 years. Deruite industry and trade co., LTD can produce and supply of measurement instruments, including the theodolite, total station, automobile, wood and

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